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10.1 Important about the Global Positioning System (GPS)

The Global Positioning System is owned by the US Government, and is responsible for its maintenance and

functionality. The system is subject to changes that could affect the performance and accuracy of all GPS equipment.

The approximate accuracy achievable today is better than 15 metres 2D RMS. Remember that the availability of

GPS signals can be limited in cities, deep valleys and in other areas where there are obstacles obscuring the sky in

some or all directions. Note! Never use your Multi-NavigatorTM as your sole navigation tool. Always carry a good

map and a SILVA compass as backup.

10.2 Important about the accuracy of the electronic compass

The functionality of the electronic compass is dependent upon it being autodeviated (see chapter and that

it is held horizontally (use the bubble level) when used. If this is done the accuracy of the compass will be better

than 3 degrees from true course.

10.3 Important about the accuracy of the altimeter

The altimeter function uses the built-in barometer-sensor for its calculations. Note that weather changes will be

detected by the barometer and also affect the altitude calculated by the instrument. The altimeter must be recently

calibrated to give accurate readings.

10.4 Important about the weather forecast

Remember that the weather forecast function is using the air-pressure sensor for its prediction. This means that if

you change your elevation it will effect the forecast function. The best way to use the weather forecast function is

to keep the Multi-NavigatorTM for at least 8 hours at a constant elevation before reading the weather forecast.

10.5 Product changes/improvements

Silva Sweden AB reserves the right to change/improve the Multi-NavigatorTM without notice to any person or

organisation. Visit to find supplementary information about this and other products.

10.6 Copyright

Common sense must be used at all times when navigating and the Manufacturer’s navigation equipment should

only be considered as aids to navigation. The Manufacturers policy of continuous improvement may result in changes

to product specification without prior notice.


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