How To Successfully Activate Cccam On Qsat & Speed

Posted by Francis Kwedza on June 1, 2016 at 3:25 PM

Despite the fact that I have previously written about how to load / activate a cccam account on a qsat decoder, I am under pressure to re-write it in a more comprehensive manner, with the help of pictures this time around. But to start with, let me give you updates that you are yearning for. Since about the evening of Thursday 7th of August 2014, i have been noticing this annoying freezing on my qsat, I did my min research and i discovered that all qsat decoders with any avatarcam code are freezing. Yesterday, my tv1 cccam account too started to freeze but the freezing of cccam is not up to that of qsat. As i speaking, my cccam has stopped freezing why qsat still freezes. After gathering my findings, i discovered that d.s.t.v are upgrading and that is what is causing the freezing. What i simply want to say is that, you don’t need to switch your internet connections as long as your current connection connects successfully. Secondly you don’t need to downgrade or your decoder as no software can currently patch the freezing. The freezing will be sorted out by qsat team. What I also noticed is that hiptv is not even opening at all on qsat, ss6 freezes terribly and channels is hell on the decoder. however most of the africa magics, and movie magics are manageable. Currently, am tied only to my cccam account without caring if avatarcam on my qsat ever existed.






I will list the requirements in order or priorities;


Stable 3G or 3.75G network(Alternatively, you can use a very stable 2g network, However i shall not advice anybody to use 2g. Also I won’t advice anyone to use 4G connection. Without a stable internet connection, you can’t use a cccam account because this will amount to sheer wasting of money if you do) To establish a sucesfuly internet connection read this

Second requirements is for you to buy the account from a reliable retailer or dealer( the account details involves just four items; Username/ ID/ login, password, address/URL/ server and port)

Your qsat remote control must be working good. No workaround if your remote is faulty


Steps On How To Load / Input / activate Cccam On Qsat


On your remote press Menu>>Setting>XCAM Setup and you will see the followings as shown in the picture below



Now Select Sharing by default you will see the following as shown below. You will have to manually edit most of this values



Under Server No choose any numbers from 1-5(please ignore this if you are using only one cccam account, Next Change “Active” to “ON” (the default is Off), Protocol is CCCAM(unless otherwise stated by your supplier), Server is the same as address and its the same as URL it normally looks like this “” (it can be anything but it is definitely case sensitive if you don’t enter it correctly, your account will not work) To insert extra characters, you will need to “press RED button” on qsat, if you make a mistake, used the “Yellow button” to delete everything previously entered on that particular column and start all over. Once you type everything correctly on a particular column, use “blue button” to confirm your typing.



When all is done properly, your cccam will look like what we have below

Now press the blue button on your remote to connect your cccam server to your qsat.(Note: before you connect your cccam, it is advisable that you first turn off your avatarcam code and reboot your decoder. All other things being equal, once you press the blue button, your cccam account will connect and the status will change to “connected” from “disconnected” picture is below



Whenever you don’t want to use your cccam and you want to use avatarcam account instead(like maybe your internet connection become bad and you don’t want to be banned please switch off your cccam account then reboot your decoder.


Troubleshooting Cccam Account On Qsat Decoder


I entered everything correctly, yet my cccam account is not connecting status is “Disconnected” please try the followings:

Make sure you restart your decoder after correctly entering your cccam account details into your qsat.

Make sure you have a working internet connection(To be sure about this, try and stream you tube videos for some minutes on your qsat, or simoly try and reactivate your avatarcam code and see if your expiry date will display or not)

Just to be sure, you can delete the “password” and the server and re-enter them

Hope you entered your port correctly; For example, your port number must be five digits (e.g if you are given One hundred as your port, you must write it as it is: it must be written as “00100” and not as “100”

As the last resort, if all efforts failed, contact whoever sold it to you for help.

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