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Posted by Francis Kwedza on November 15, 2011 at 4:50 AM

I do spend on things I love. For example:


Travel: Last weekend my friend and I traveled to Takoradi to visit our friend and go to a concert. I had a wonderful time and the memories from the trip are worth more to me than a new iPod or shirt would be. Next weekend, we’re headed to Accra to see zoo. I didn’t think twice about the price tag when the opportunity arose. This December, after a year and a half of working, my friend and I are planning on going to lome. It’ll be a chance to experience some Togo for the first time in 18 months, get warm, and visit a place I’ve always been interested in seeing.


Memories appreciate with time and paying for travel will always be something I’ll do.


Food: I’m not a large guy, but I love to eat good meals. my fiancee enjoys cooking so we often share nice sized meals if we have a night together. We shop frugally, but we don’t smother our food budget to save an extra 25 cedis a month. A nice glass of wine and a well-rounded meal is worth it to us. We’ll spend on groceries because we enjoy the time spent, the socializing, and the food that comes with a meal at home.


We also enjoy going out to meals. We won’t blow 150cedis bucks, but if a friend invites us out to dinner, we’ll definitely go because the experience, the socializing, and food are what matters to us.


On the other hand, there are some things that I won’t pay extra for and I do attempt to cut in order to save:


Clothes: I enjoy dressing nice, but I’m rather cheap when it comes to clothes. I was a big woodin store fan when I was in Accra and I still have t-shirts that are over 5 years old.


I’ll never spend over 25cedis on a nice shirt or 40cedis on a pair of pants. I rarely go shopping for clothes and instead try to use the ones I have for a long period of time. I realize these prices aren’t that low, but compared to how some people compulsively shop, I consider myself very frugal when it comes to clothes.


Books/movies/music: All these items are the ones I got at the library in America. I rarely spent money on these items since I could usually wait less than a week and have them for free at the library.


I will spend money on an iTunes album if it’s for a band I love, but that is about the only time I’ll spend money on this category of entertainment. On top of savings money, a big reason I avoid purchasing these items is the clutter. It’s not worth it to have them sitting around an apartment, taking up space, and collecting dust.

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