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How To Successfully Activate Cccam On Qsat & Speed

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Despite the fact that I have previously written about how to load / activate a cccam account on a qsat decoder, I am under pressure to re-write it in a more comprehensive manner, with the help of pictures this time around. But to start with, let me give you updates that you are yearning for. Since about the evening of Thursday 7th of August 2014, i have been noticing this annoying freezing on my qsat, I did my min research and i discovered that all qsat decoders with any avatarcam code are freezing. Yesterday, my tv1 cccam account too started to freeze but the freezing of cccam is not up to that of qsat. As i speaking, my cccam has stopped freezing why qsat still freezes. After gathering my findings, i discovered that d.s.t.v are upgrading and that is what is causing the freezing. What i simply want to say is that, you don’t need to switch your internet connections as long as your current connection connects successfully. Secondly you don’t need to downgrade or your decoder as no software can currently patch the freezing. The freezing will be sorted out by qsat team. What I also noticed is that hiptv is not even opening at all on qsat, ss6 freezes terribly and channels is hell on the decoder. however most of the africa magics, and movie magics are manageable. Currently, am tied only to my cccam account without caring if avatarcam on my qsat ever existed.






I will list the requirements in order or priorities;


Stable 3G or 3.75G network(Alternatively, you can use a very stable 2g network, However i shall not advice anybody to use 2g. Also I won’t advice anyone to use 4G connection. Without a stable internet connection, you can’t use a cccam account because this will amount to sheer wasting of money if you do) To establish a sucesfuly internet connection read this

Second requirements is for you to buy the account from a reliable retailer or dealer( the account details involves just four items; Username/ ID/ login, password, address/URL/ server and port)

Your qsat remote control must be working good. No workaround if your remote is faulty


Steps On How To Load / Input / activate Cccam On Qsat


On your remote press Menu>>Setting>XCAM Setup and you will see the followings as shown in the picture below



Now Select Sharing by default you will see the following as shown below. You will have to manually edit most of this values



Under Server No choose any numbers from 1-5(please ignore this if you are using only one cccam account, Next Change “Active” to “ON” (the default is Off), Protocol is CCCAM(unless otherwise stated by your supplier), Server is the same as address and its the same as URL it normally looks like this “” (it can be anything but it is definitely case sensitive if you don’t enter it correctly, your account will not work) To insert extra characters, you will need to “press RED button” on qsat, if you make a mistake, used the “Yellow button” to delete everything previously entered on that particular column and start all over. Once you type everything correctly on a particular column, use “blue button” to confirm your typing.



When all is done properly, your cccam will look like what we have below

Now press the blue button on your remote to connect your cccam server to your qsat.(Note: before you connect your cccam, it is advisable that you first turn off your avatarcam code and reboot your decoder. All other things being equal, once you press the blue button, your cccam account will connect and the status will change to “connected” from “disconnected” picture is below



Whenever you don’t want to use your cccam and you want to use avatarcam account instead(like maybe your internet connection become bad and you don’t want to be banned please switch off your cccam account then reboot your decoder.


Troubleshooting Cccam Account On Qsat Decoder


I entered everything correctly, yet my cccam account is not connecting status is “Disconnected” please try the followings:

Make sure you restart your decoder after correctly entering your cccam account details into your qsat.

Make sure you have a working internet connection(To be sure about this, try and stream you tube videos for some minutes on your qsat, or simoly try and reactivate your avatarcam code and see if your expiry date will display or not)

Just to be sure, you can delete the “password” and the server and re-enter them

Hope you entered your port correctly; For example, your port number must be five digits (e.g if you are given One hundred as your port, you must write it as it is: it must be written as “00100” and not as “100”

As the last resort, if all efforts failed, contact whoever sold it to you for help.

Internet Settings/APN Settings/MMS Settings/Carrier Frequencies

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Internet Settings/APN Settings/MMS Settings/Carrier Frequencies

When you use an unlocked phone on a carrier overseas the phone and texting will work right off the bat, but internet and picture messaging won’t. To get them to work (or to get them to work well), you need to input the appropriate APN settings into the device so it knows how to access the internet.

Also phones and carriers have different 3G and 4G frequencies that they run on so you need to know what frequency your phone uses for 3G/4G and what the carrier uses as well. We’ve taken the time to list the 3G or 4G frequency for each of the carriers below to help make it easier for you. All you need to do is find what frequencies your phone runs on. To do that, head to our Device Specs section and search for your device at the top right. Once it brings up your device’s specs, simply look for the 3G and 4G frequencies listed and take note of them to make sure they match that carrier’s frequencies below.

Here we have compiled a list of our favorite GSM carriers around the world and their best internet settings and MMS settings.  Any section that is blank, please leave blank or leave the default value that the device automatically put in it.

Let us know how these worked for you or if you have better settings for a carrier or settings for a carrier we don’t have by using the contact us form on the right or bottom of this page.

Curious what these settings are for? Check out our complete guide for using your phone overseas.

Here is how to input the below APN settings for each of the major mobile operating systems:

Android (4.2.1)

  1. Pull down the notification shade.
  2. Select the button at the top right to be taken to the quick options menu.
  3. Select Settings at the top right.
  4. Select More.
  5. Select Mobile Networks.
  6. Select Access Point Names.
  7. Tap the three dots at the bottom right and select New APN.
  8. Enter the information for each field for the carrier you are using from the list of settings below.
  9. When you’ve entered everything, tap the three dots in the bottom right corner and select Save.
  10. Now tap the empty dot to the right of the new APN to select it.
  11. Wait 2 mins and then try to access a website from your internet browser.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select General.
  3. Select Cellular.
  4. Select Cellular Data Network.
  5. Turn ON Mobile Data if it is off.
  6. Select APN.
  7. Enter the information for each field for the carrier you are using from the list of settings below.
  8. Hit the Home button.
  9. Wait 2 mins and then try to access a website from your internet browser.

Windows Phone:

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Select Cellular.
  3. Select Add Internet APN.
  4. Enter the information for each field for the carrier you are using from the list of settings below.
  5. Wait 2 mins and then try to access a website from your internet browser.

Internet Settings/APN Settings/MMS Settings/Carrier Frequencies


3G Frequency – 2100mhz

Name: MTN
APN: internet
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port:
Authentication Type:
APN Type:
APN Protocol:
APN Roaming Protocol:

multi navigator

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10.1 Important about the Global Positioning System (GPS)

The Global Positioning System is owned by the US Government, and is responsible for its maintenance and

functionality. The system is subject to changes that could affect the performance and accuracy of all GPS equipment.

The approximate accuracy achievable today is better than 15 metres 2D RMS. Remember that the availability of

GPS signals can be limited in cities, deep valleys and in other areas where there are obstacles obscuring the sky in

some or all directions. Note! Never use your Multi-NavigatorTM as your sole navigation tool. Always carry a good

map and a SILVA compass as backup.

10.2 Important about the accuracy of the electronic compass

The functionality of the electronic compass is dependent upon it being autodeviated (see chapter and that

it is held horizontally (use the bubble level) when used. If this is done the accuracy of the compass will be better

than 3 degrees from true course.

10.3 Important about the accuracy of the altimeter

The altimeter function uses the built-in barometer-sensor for its calculations. Note that weather changes will be

detected by the barometer and also affect the altitude calculated by the instrument. The altimeter must be recently

calibrated to give accurate readings.

10.4 Important about the weather forecast

Remember that the weather forecast function is using the air-pressure sensor for its prediction. This means that if

you change your elevation it will effect the forecast function. The best way to use the weather forecast function is

to keep the Multi-NavigatorTM for at least 8 hours at a constant elevation before reading the weather forecast.

10.5 Product changes/improvements

Silva Sweden AB reserves the right to change/improve the Multi-NavigatorTM without notice to any person or

organisation. Visit to find supplementary information about this and other products.

10.6 Copyright

Common sense must be used at all times when navigating and the Manufacturer’s navigation equipment should

only be considered as aids to navigation. The Manufacturers policy of continuous improvement may result in changes

to product specification without prior notice.


save and spend

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I do spend on things I love. For example:


Travel: Last weekend my friend and I traveled to Takoradi to visit our friend and go to a concert. I had a wonderful time and the memories from the trip are worth more to me than a new iPod or shirt would be. Next weekend, we’re headed to Accra to see zoo. I didn’t think twice about the price tag when the opportunity arose. This December, after a year and a half of working, my friend and I are planning on going to lome. It’ll be a chance to experience some Togo for the first time in 18 months, get warm, and visit a place I’ve always been interested in seeing.


Memories appreciate with time and paying for travel will always be something I’ll do.


Food: I’m not a large guy, but I love to eat good meals. my fiancee enjoys cooking so we often share nice sized meals if we have a night together. We shop frugally, but we don’t smother our food budget to save an extra 25 cedis a month. A nice glass of wine and a well-rounded meal is worth it to us. We’ll spend on groceries because we enjoy the time spent, the socializing, and the food that comes with a meal at home.


We also enjoy going out to meals. We won’t blow 150cedis bucks, but if a friend invites us out to dinner, we’ll definitely go because the experience, the socializing, and food are what matters to us.


On the other hand, there are some things that I won’t pay extra for and I do attempt to cut in order to save:


Clothes: I enjoy dressing nice, but I’m rather cheap when it comes to clothes. I was a big woodin store fan when I was in Accra and I still have t-shirts that are over 5 years old.


I’ll never spend over 25cedis on a nice shirt or 40cedis on a pair of pants. I rarely go shopping for clothes and instead try to use the ones I have for a long period of time. I realize these prices aren’t that low, but compared to how some people compulsively shop, I consider myself very frugal when it comes to clothes.


Books/movies/music: All these items are the ones I got at the library in America. I rarely spent money on these items since I could usually wait less than a week and have them for free at the library.


I will spend money on an iTunes album if it’s for a band I love, but that is about the only time I’ll spend money on this category of entertainment. On top of savings money, a big reason I avoid purchasing these items is the clutter. It’s not worth it to have them sitting around an apartment, taking up space, and collecting dust.

how to conserve resources

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Management of the human use of natural resources to provide the maximum benefit to current generations

while maintaining capacity to meet the needs of future generations. Conservation includes both the

protection and rational use of natural resources.


Due to lack of fertilizer and pesticides, gardens and farm cooperatives implemented organic and permaculture methods that helped re-build depleted soil and kept healthy soil healthy. The traditional use of oxen to plow fields should be revived, as tractors and other farm equipment that relied on diesel fuel were useless


Make fuel efficiency a high priority when buying a car. Join a carpool or use the bus. Walk or ride a bicycle when possible.


Get involved in community tree planting, in protecting local watershed areas and/or donate money to environmental organizations


Recycle. Separate wastes, Compost yard and food wastes. Use recycled products, especially paper.



why do you want to leave your present job?

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Short Answers

"I want to find a company with more opportunities. My previous company was very small and didn't have opportunities for growth. After learning about the work environment here, I felt this is exactly the type of place I want to work."

"My current company is very large and it's difficult to do different tasks. We have routine work that never changes. I want to work in an environment where I can utilize more of my skills."

"Our family moved to live near a better school district for our children. This area is great and I want to find a job closer to my new home. My previous job was too far away to commute."

Long Answer

"I really enjoy what I'm doing, but I feel I'm following a routine. I looked around for more opportunities to grow, but because the company is small, I'm very limited. I want to work in an environment that will help me realize my full potential and a place I can contribute everything I'm capable of doing. My current job doesn't provide these things for me and that's why I want to work here. I know ABC Company has a lot of opportunities for growth and encourages employees to take on challenging projects to learn more. That is what I'm looking for."

This answer shows a couple of good traits. It also shows excitement and mentions the company name. It is personal and direct. This is a generic answer so you can use this if you want. If you decide to think of your own, make sure it displays good traits and the reason for wanting to leave your current job is not a negative reason.